Dr. Bill Miller has been a physician in academic and private practice for over 30 years. During that period, there have been spectacular advances in biology, medicine, genetics, and microbiology. Combining unique observations about patterns of disease from medicine with current scientific discoveries in many other fields has encouraged his novel and provocative insights into our co-evolutionary journey with the microbial microcosm within each of us.

His research has uncovered a previously unappreciated unifying impulse that underscores all of biology. Infectious disease, parasitism, evolution and extinction  are all products of this same underlying impetus with differing expression under dissimilar circumstances. From this new starting point, evolution can only be properly understood through infectious disease dynamics and immunologic responses rather than natural selection and random mutation. All complex creatures are aggregates of these processes and need to be recognized as complete universes of cellular networks as distinct and individual vast collaboratives representing extended hologenomes. For this reason, evolution is based much more on the ‘unseen’ than the ‘seen’. From this new vantage point, hologenomic evolution theory emerges as a unique and carefully articulated alternative to Darwinism.

Dr. Miller is a graduate of Northwestern University in Biology, Northwestern Medical School, and is a member of the medical honor society, Alpha Omega Alpha. Besides his medical work, he has been painting in oils since his  teens. He now  paints figurative works and portraits in his studio in Phoenix. Arizona and his figurative work is featured at Hilliard Gallery in Kansas City.

Dr. Miller is currently  serves as a scientific advisor to OmniBiome Therapeutics, a pioneering company in discovering and developing solutions to problems in human fertility and health through management of the human microbiome.